LeaderImpact provides valuable curriculum for LeaderImpact Groups to study. Course options include books by leading authors, LeaderImpact-designed series, and more.

Group curriculum is selected by the Group Leader for each season—fall, winter, and spring—with each study running for eight to ten weeks. New members are easily incorporated into groups at the start of each new study module.

The curriculum is organized to reflect the progression of a group’s life, ranging from courses that integrate best leadership practices and faith to a deeper exploration of the spiritual journey.

  • Module 1: Holistic Leadership

    Through the lens of popular leader development authors, groups can build their repertoire of knowledge, skills, and character attributes while considering the relevance of faith to their personal and professional lives.

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  • Module 2: Legacy and Significance

    Participants consider the impact they have on others, the legacies they will leave behind, and the greater purpose and significance of their lives.

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  • Module 3: Exploring Faith

    Group members delve more deeply into their spiritual journeys while continuing to hone leadership and life skills with colleagues.

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Full curriculum descriptions can be found on the Leaders Hub (accessible by all Group Leaders), along with supplementary resources and session-by-session leader guides.