We partner with organizations who share our passion to see entrepreneurs, executives and professionals from every industry and walk of life, united by a common desire to pursue greater significance in life by integrating our spiritual and professional lives.

The Master’s Program Canada

The Master’s Program Canada is designed for Christian marketplace leaders who desire to go beyond business success to Kingdom significance. Through a partnership with LeaderImpact, this 3-year program is being offered in select cities across Canada, helping leaders discover their unique Kingdom Calling in order to maximize their potential for Kingdom influence.

About the Program

The structure is similar to an executive graduate program. Marketplace and ministry professionals move deliberately through a process that includes tools, training, outside resources, peer interaction and real-life examples so participants get the maximum experience out of minimal time commitment.

The Master’s Program Canada is intentionally holistic in its emphasis and focuses on the participant’s ability to achieve fitness in the personal, family, professional and Kingdom realms of life. We help each participant maximize their fruitfulness by coaching them toward a life of reduced distractions, increased margin, and personal entrepreneurship.

For more info, download the Program Summary, visit the website, or contact us.