35 mm cinema film reel and out of focus movie clapper board in background on wooden floor in vintage black and white

Author: Edward Maggard

A sizzle reel is a short selection of highlights from the career of an actor or athlete or some other performer. The selection shows them at their very best and includes the work of which they are most proud. For an actor, it may be his or her best scenes... the scenes that got the awards. For an athlete it may be the winning goal in the World Cup.

What’s on your sizzle reel? What would you say in the event someone wanted to document your best work? Would it be creating a successful business, employing people and giving them dignity and the chance to make the world better? Would it include treating your employees, customers, and suppliers well and contributing to the well-being of your community? Or perhaps your sizzle reel would include surviving a global pandemic with your business intact and honoring your commitments.

Sometimes our best work is done through adversity. Sometimes the best that we can do is “fail forward”, learning from our mistakes and pressing on with hope.

All of those things are the kind of things leaders of impact do. It is good to think about our best work. It is good also to think about who helped us get there. Perhaps your spouse or parents or grandparents encouraged you when no one else seemed to care. Perhaps you had a boss, mentor, or coworker who encouraged you to be your best. I have had a couple of bosses who encouraged me by believing in my young immature self. They made a huge difference in my life and impact.

Think about who has helped you be a leader of impact. Take a few minutes to connect with them and thank them. It’ll be encouraging to them and it will be good for your soul.

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