DEC 3RD 2020 AT 2PM GMT // 9AM EST

If you want to GROW in your leadership skills . . .
If you desire to make a greater IMPACT on those around you . . .
If you appreciate world-class INPUT on serious leadership topics . . .then the Global LeaderImpact Summit may be just what you're looking for.

This annual event is geared to bring leaders together from around the world for the purposes of inspiration and encouragement, challenge, and practical action.

Our speakers this year include Marcus Buckingham, Danielle Strickland, and NT Wright. Each brings their unique perspective and will help us focus on the integration of our personal, professional, and spiritual lives. This three-hour agenda will be highly interactive, wherein our speakers will stimulate our thinking with brief but powerful talks and challenge us to engage in our lives and communities in deeper and more meaningful ways, followed by breakout sessions where you get to share and participate.

This is your time for impact . . . what you do with it may change your life.

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Bestselling author Marcus Buckingham is a global researcher, focused on unlocking strengths, increasing performance and pioneering the future of how people work. An internationally renowned thought leader and business expert, Marcus has been the subject of in-depth profiles in The New York Times, Fortune, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal and has appeared on numerous television programs, including “Larry King Live,” “The Today Show” and “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” Building on nearly two decades of experience as a Senior Researcher at Gallup Organization, he currently guides the vision of ADP Research Institute as Head of People + Performance research. He founded The Marcus Buckingham Company in 2006 with a clear mission: to instigate a “strengths revolution” by bringing the message of personal strengths to the world through education and technology. Beginning with First, Break All the Rules and continuing through his latest book Nine Lies about Work, he is known for challenging entrenched preconceptions about achievement to get to the core of what drives success. He is widely considered the world’s leading expert on Talent at work. Please welcome Marcus Buckingham.


Danielle is a spiritual leader, justice advocate, communicator, and peacemaker. She has an aggressive compassion to serve people firsthand in countries all over the world. From establishing justice departments and church plants to launching Global anti-trafficking initiatives, to creating new initiatives to mobilize people towards transformational spiritual life.

Danielle is an author and past speaker at the Global Leadership Summit. 

Her latest book released in 2020, "Better Together: How Women and Men Can Heal the Divide and Work Together to Transform the Future", her podcast is listened to by thousands globally, and closer to home, she’s on the teaching team at The Meeting House.


N.T. WRIGHT is the former Bishop of Durham in the Church of England and one of the world's leading Bible scholars. He is now serving as the Chair of New Testament and Early Christianity at the School of Divinity at the University of St. Andrews. For twenty years he taught New Testament studies at Cambridge, McGill and Oxford Universities. As being both one of the world's leading Bible scholars and a popular author, he has been featured on ABC News, Dateline, The Colbert Report, and Fresh Air. His award-winning books include The Case for the Psalms, How God Became King, Simply Jesus, After You Believe, Surprised by Hope, Simply Christian, Scripture and the Authority of God, The Meaning of Jesus (co-authored with Marcus Borg), as well as being the translator for The Kingdom New Testament. He also wrote the impressive Christian Origins and the Question of God series, including The New Testament and the People of God, Jesus and the Victory of God.

Interactive Session Speakers

Marie-Lucie Spoke

Director of Development for LeaderImpact (French Speaking)

Dela Adadevoh

President of the International Leadership Foundation

Keith and Esther Dindi

CEO of Doctor Fitness and Owners of Hairhub Trichology Centre

Paul Sohn

Founder & CEO of QARA, Author and Professor

Nathan and Judy Hildebrandt

LeaderImpact Global Team

Rolando Justiniano

Director of the Transformational Leadership Foundation and Aldo, President of the Universidad Iberoamericana de Liderazgo (Spanish Speaking)

Fausto Estrada

VP of Construction (Spanish Speaking)

Ramsay Trotter

LeaderImpact NEXT

Donna Brighton

Chief Ideas Officer, Brighton Leadership Group

Mark and Christine Daniel

Directors FamilyLife UK


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