What does it take to free yourself from these unhealthy patterns and reach a more sustainable, rewarding work-life balance? As we wrap up another year of productivity, development and change, what will you do differently in 2022 to make sure you are balancing work with life outside of work? 

In a recent article written by Ioana Lupu and Mayra Ruiz-Castro for the Harvard Business Review, Lupu and Ruis-Castro  “Achieving a better balance between professional and personal priorities boils down to a combination of reflexivity — or questioning assumptions to increase self-awareness — and intentional role redefinition. This is not a one-time fix, but rather, a cycle that we must engage in continuously. This cycle is made up of several checks summarized below.

Taking a break to reflect on the impact of working excessive hours:  

  • How would I rate my stress and dissatisfaction? 

  • What am I prioritizing and what am I sacrificing? 

  • How am I feeling?  Am I resentful and angry or energized and fulfilled?

  • How hard is it for me to re-prioritize?  Do I have regrets that I haven’t re-prioritized sooner? 

  • If I made changes to my workload what opportunities would that give me right now and in the future?

  • How can I successfully implement these changes?  

  • Do I need to make announcements publicly to ensure the change?  

  • Who do I need to inform for accountability?

LeaderImpact has a digital assessment tool available to leaders who are looking to self-assess their work-life balance as they look to develop personally, professionally and spiritually.  If you have read “Becoming a Leader of Influence” by Braden Douglas, you may have completed the initial assessment and received a LeaderImpact model score.  As completed assessment results are emailed directly to you, we recommend you do a self-assessment quarterly to monitor your own well-being balance.  Test yourself with the LeaderImpact Model Assessment  free tool here.  


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