Closeup woman hand doing push ups exercise in a gym.

Blog Post by Edward Maggard

If you’ve been around fitness trainers or watched fitness videos on YouTube, you get the concept of “strengthening your core.” People generally get hurt when they try and lift something or do an exercise without implementing their core strength.

Leadership, whether of personal relationships or professional enterprises, is also best done from the core. In this case, we are talking about our core beliefs. We are referring to the values and priorities that define us. By contrast, sometimes we are tempted to lead from a persona, or the self we would like others to see.

We have all known people who are high performers but who, for one reason or another, have some character flaw that causes them to melt down under pressure. They project a really good front, they know how to talk with people and make them feel better, and sometimes look too good to be true. And, they are too good to be true.

We all are tempted, at different times, to project a self that isn’t quite accurate. When we feel insecure we tend to either put on a confident face or go pretty clinical and cold. Neither will inspire followers to be and do their best.

At LeaderImpact, we are working together to grow in our personal, professional and spiritual lives. We believe that those three areas are all part of a whole integrated life. When we are growing personally, for example, our relationships are more intentional and we have more control of our habits. When we are growing professionally, we stay humble as lifelong learners. And when we are growing spiritually, we are connecting with our core beliefs and developing a healthy dependence on God. All three are key to strengthening our core. And it is a relief to not have to pretend.

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