Date: June 11, 2022

Author: Nicki Osbaldiston

Over recent months I have been working with key leaders to help raise their online presence to help their organisation grow.  The majority of them will say “I’m not sure what to write as I don’t want to just talk about myself”.  I often respond, “You don’t have to, you can talk about your core values instead”. 

At some stage you may have identified what’s important to you as a leader and what your core values are.  If you are involved in a LeaderImpact group, then you may have discussed your core values when completing one of our most popular studies called Foundations.  

How does identifying your core values help you in your personal, professional and spiritual life?  How does it help you make a positive impact in the lives of others? 

Here’s a few:

  • Your relationships: It becomes easier to identify those who share those values and those who do not. Understanding other’s values may help your working relationships and being considerate of your client’s needs.

  • Your peace of mind: If something in your life is contrary to your values, you experience cognitive dissonance or spiritual discomfort; this conflicted state prevents development and even pushes you in the opposite direction. 

  • Your legacy or Impact: If you know your personal values, you can be proactive in sharing those with your family and business colleagues. 

  • Your Time: You can be focussed rather than wasting time jumping from one thing to another; you’ll have a better understanding of what fulfils you and why.

  • Your Attention (and all that goes with it): Knowing your values makes it easier to cut things out of your life that draw your attention away from what you truly consider important.

  • Your Work satisfaction - if you are able to reflect your core values in your workplace you are more likely to be working in your areas of strength and perform well.

Brenè Brown, in her book Dare to Lead, discusses core values for an individual and how to establish and operationalise them for your organisation, her website contains some practical resources for developing core values for your team .  Dare to Lead is another leadership development book in our LeaderImpact Integrated Life series.  

If you are involved in an existing LeaderImpact group you may like to revisit both of these books in the coming year.

If you are looking to join a local LeaderImpact group or start one with a group of leaders in your area, get in touch so we can help get you started by visiting


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