Author: Edward Maggard

Date: October 25, 2021

The recent global pandemic has had a lot of unexpected results. One is that people are resigning from their jobs at an alarming rate for those of us who are giving leadership to companies or other organizations. The smart leader will take steps to avoid the exodus or hire good people for the future.

One key factor in organizations that keep good people is culture. A good friend of mine runs a restaurant business. Faced with a potential crisis due to people not wanting to work in the risky environment of COVID, he reevaluated the work conditions and pay of his people. He created the safest work environment that was possible and practical and raised salaries in order to remain competitive. Strategically determining the cost of hiring new employees and training them, he determined that it was actually cheaper to pay more and keep good people.

Knowing that people need employment in order to care for themselves and their families, the leader of impact will use these challenging times to embed good values in their company culture. Here are a set of questions you can use for this evaluation.

  1. Why do people like working for you?
  2. Why might they look elsewhere?
  3. Are you providing a safe working environment physically, emotionally, and financially? In other words, do people feel as safe as possible from the potential for health threats and safety? Do they enjoy the relationships with their co-workers and are you dealing quickly and definitively with any form of harassment? Are they able to work hard for fair pay and see their financial needs met?
  4. Do your people have the opportunity to meet some of their goals and see fulfillment of their dreams?

People want to be needed and heard. The leader of impact listens well and trains his people to do a better job and increase their net worth financially and their value to the organization. Who would want to leave a job like that?

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