Written by Judy Hildebrandt, Associate Staff LeaderImpact Global

Date: October 25, 2022


Have you ever gone on a holiday that you had been anticipating for months but at the end came back feeling a bit empty?  

What if you could combine adventure and purpose on your next getaway? 

Global Exchanges are a unique opportunity for leaders to travel to a global city to help grow or establish a LeaderImpact movement.  

A number of years ago a busy marketplace couple arrived at a Global Exchange and were asked “Why did you make the sacrifice in time and money to come?”

“Because business is exciting but my faith is boring.”

So, doing what leaders do, they took a risk to come on the trip to see if there were new possibilities to re-ignite their spiritual lives.  

Leaders have a relentless growth mindset and are driven to seek out and embrace adventure in the pursuit of being better people, leaders and family members.  Leaders understand intuitively that growth is the outcome of leaving the safety of the known and stepping into possibility.  

Immersed in the fast-paced world of leadership and business our spiritual life can feel lifeless in comparison. 

Exciting, risk filled, adventurous is how we would like to describe our faith but if we are honest, our spiritual experience would more likely be described as safe, perhaps even boring.  

In your role as a leader, you regularly are taking risks and growing. If taking risks leads to growth, what “steps of faith” have you taken spiritually that would cause you to grow?   While it’s obvious you are successful as a leader in the marketplace, is it as obvious that you are making an impact spiritually? Are you realizing the ultimate purpose that you were created for?

At the end of the trip, there was radical transformation in the life of this leader and his wife. They radiated new confidence as a result of experiencing the power of God working in and through them as they took steps of faith throughout the week. 

They returned home with new skills and a clear purpose to impact their peers, business, city and beyond.  Since then, they have had hundreds of spiritual conversations and have brought dozens on Global Exchanges.  They are on the front lines of seeing God at work changing lives and say “there’s no place more exciting.”  

What is a Global Exchange?  Whether you’re a senior executive or just beginning your career, Global Exchanges will be life changing.  

Travel to a global city where you will partner with local LeaderImpact marketplace leaders and together participate in company tours and presentations, Forums and locally hosted dinners. You will have opportunities to talk about your leadership journey and engage with local leaders from your industry. Over the course of the week you will see changed lives and build relationships with leaders from your host country that will last a lifetime!

To prepare you to participate fully and confidently, you will receive our best training throughout the week.  Learn how to share your story in a way that integrates your faith journey with your leadership experiences. Many of the participants find this experience transformational.  They speak about  “before the Exchange, after the Exchange”.  

Global Exchanges aren’t for everyone, you will experience a broad range of emotions as you encounter situations you have never seen before.  You will be stretched.  Your view of how God is at work will be expanded and you will gain a new perspective on how God can significantly use you.  Only leaders who are committed to growth and impact come on the Global Exchange and a highlight of the week is being with like-minded leaders.


“I have grown more this past week than I have in the past 25 years.”


“Having a Global Exchange come to our city was the incentive we needed to get started.  Seeing leaders invest their time and money to come and partner with us to impact our city increased our faith and vision. Many have experienced new life as a result of the faith step you took to come.  Many new leaders now want to be part of LeaderImpact.”


Global Exchanges are currently organized by the LeaderImpact Canada team, you can find out more information here

The impact you will have is immeasurable and such an uncommon opportunity to take up.

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