Date: February 1, 2022

When involved in a business we tend to always look at the outcomes in our business. We look at outcomes of money, profit, revenue and use that as a measure of success. Yet, how often do you consider the relationships you have with your staff? Relationships are important in a business as it creates trust between you and your team. 

In a recent interview with Braden Douglas, Founder and Director of CREW Marketing, he challenged us with some questions to ask ourselves as leaders and how we view relationships with our staff:

  • Are you building into people around you (work, home, and community)?

  • Are you intentional with your key staff? 

  • Are you making a positive impact in those people's lives?

  • Do you know what their vision for their life is and their purpose? 

  • What role are you playing in helping them achieve that? 

  • Who is being intentional in your life?

To create a good relationship with your team there should be a form of servanthood coming out of your leadership. Coming to an understanding that it's not about what you can extract and get from employees or from people in your life, but about how you give.

Do you have that same mentality for clients? People you work with? Service providers and suppliers?  Are you just willing to do whatever they need? Will you try to be the absolute best you can, even though you may not get any glory? It’s important to be intentional in other’s lives, it’s also important to have intentional relational input in your own life.  

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