Leading with Impact: Interview with Danielle Strickland

This Leading with Impact interview featuring author, speaker and justice advocate Danielle Strickland. Danielle gives us practical steps to turn a crisis into an opportunity and how to bridge differences between males and females and embrace issues of diversity and oneness. 




Leading with Impact: Interview with Vivian Mabuni

Vivian Mabuni who is a well-known Teacher, Author, Speaker and thankfully a cancer survivor. Vivian talks to us about women in leadership, understanding diversity and understanding your unique contribution. Vivian has written two books: “Warrior In Pink: A Story of Cancer, Community and the God Who Comforts” (Discovery House Publishers) released in April 2014. “Open Hands, Willing Heart: Discover the Joy of Saying Yes to God."




Leading with Impact: Interview with James Spradlin

Our interview for the Leading with Impact series this week features James Spradlin, entrepreneur and founder of Orlando Creatives. James has worked with everyone from Fortune 500 brands to startups and has been recognized with multiple industry awards. James created our new brand story film and our promotional film. He shares his experience letting other leaders tell their story and how important it is to sit back and listen to others.




Leading with Impact: Interview with Kaleb Harrell

Kaleb Harrell, CEO and Co-Founder of Hawkers Asian Street Food talks about pivoting, patience, making a plan and the need for a strong, supportive community as he and his team navigate new paths during the global crisis. 




Leading with Impact: Interview with Elvis Filote

Evlis shares his insights on how and why to adapt to change for leaders and their team. Our interviewer, Samantha Brighton, asks about Elvis's values personally, professionally and spiritually. 




Leading with Impact: Interview with Nosa Eguae

Nosa Eguae shares how his expereince in life has allowed him to have strive to have high expectations and believes you can't give-up on striving for those goals even in a crisis. Watch now




Leading with Impact: Interview with Glenda Mitchell

Glenda Mitchell shares quick insights on 5 Ps for a leader. Overcoming Perfectionism, Performance, Permission, Priorities and being People-focussed. Which of these is your biggest challenge in Leadership going forward right now? 

Need to view it with subtitles in your language: click here to watch it on our YouTube page




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