LeaderImpact is a volunteer-led movement of leaders dedicated to having a lasting impact. 

Together they challenge all leaders to accomplish more through developing their personal, professional, and spiritual lives.

Through groups, events, excursions, and communication our worldwide network is growing and making an impact in cities, nations, and the world 



Impact occurs when a leader’s personal, professional and spiritual life is fully engaged. It’s an easy concept to grasp but takes a lifetime to master. 


This is your career and regardless of what stage you are in, you can be focused on making an impact. The better professional you are and the higher the position you attain, the bigger the platform or opportunity for great impact. This is why it's critical to always be learning and honing your skills and knowledge through the best thought leaders in a peer environment. 


This is who you are. It starts with knowing yourself and how you behave, think and take care of your well-being. It then moves to the relationships you have with others – from colleagues to friends to family and beyond. Where and how you grew up has shaped your life and the health of your emotions, relationships, and yourself effects your potential for impact. 


This is what you believe. The values, morals and beliefs that underpin your decision making have a tremendous influence on your professional and personal life outcomes. This area drives and determines your motives and definitions for success and ultimately for impact you can have. LeaderImpact operates from a Christian worldview and helps leaders understand the relevance of faith as it relates to their professional and personal lives. 


LeaderImpact is built on the community and bond that forms when leaders come together with intention. We encourage leaders to get involved in a group in their city. 

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