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This is what the community of LeaderImpact is- making us to actually believe in each other and trusting each other. And trust is important. I can sit with somebody and I know that I’m not going to be judged, I’m not going to be perceived in a different way, and I can be trusted.

.  -Eni, Marketplace Leader, Albania


The LeaderImpact model is striking to me. It gives me a clear direction on how to be a leader with a long-term and positive impact. -Derek Yeung, Marketplace Leader, Hong Kong


Joining a LeaderImpact group not only is going to challenge you, have you focused on your goals, dig deep on who you are and identify the outcomes you want, but you’re going to be surrounded by other individuals that are doing the same thing. -Mark Hawn, Marketplace Leader, USA


Changing the World Takes Leaders Like You

When leaders are transformed, we affect change through the channels and connections they have – family, friends, and colleagues. Deep, positive, long-lasting change that can help make our world better.



Leaders of impact don't wait until they're older or deeper in their career to make a difference - they start today!