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I am a big supporter of Big Dreams. When you think about the men and women who have changed the world or grown some big enterprise or done the seemingly impossible, it’s easy to be inspired. It’s also easy to feel overwhelmed. We may tend to think that these people had unlimited energy and that they either got really lucky or were simply in the right place at the right time. The truth is, it was probably way more difficult than we know, but easier day to day than you would think.

I remember signing up for some classes that would last a month. When I got the syllabus for all four classes the first day I was overwhelmed. That was a lot of work to do in a month! So, I broke them down into smaller weekly and daily goals and before I knew it I was done. The point here is, we don’t have to do everything at once. In fact, if we break a big dream down, it is really a series of strategic steps that add up to a significant accomplishment.

One thing that seems to cause some of us problems is forgetting that every action today will either lead us toward or away from our goals. If we say, “I want to be a doctor!”, but don’t sign up for the classes that will give us the foundation for medical school, we won’t ever be listening to the caring end of a stethoscope. So, step one is to break your big dream down into bite-sized pieces. And then, discipline yourself to do at least one thing every day that will contribute to that dream.

If we break a big dream down, it is really a series of strategic steps that add up to a significant accomplishment.

Another issue is thinking we have to do it alone. Step Two is to brainstorm who might be able to help. These “dream helpers” could take the form of your spouse or loved ones, your trusted peers, a specialist in some field, or a mentor who will encourage and coach you through the process. One of the biggest leadership jobs I ever had would certainly have overwhelmed me if I had not had a trusted advisor. I could call this fellow leader at any time for advice or courage or simply a listening ear.

Accomplishing big dreams takes a lot of hard work and encouragement. That doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Part of the fun for me is that I love to learn new things and grow through listening to other leaders. Liz Bohannon, one of our key speakers at our LeaderImpact Global Summit, encourages us to dream small. What she means is, starting small can strengthen the skills and habits that lead to big dreams. I agree.

Final thought, the LeaderImpact Global Summit is in November. It just may be the springboard you need to launch your big dreams and become even more of a Leader of Impact. Sign up for notifications when tickets are available here.


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