Is there a “Pandemic Positive” that stands out to you?

There’s no denying that so many have faced trauma, hardship and disruption over the past few years.  For many, the Pandemic has jolted us and also given us an opportunity to reflect on how we actually conduct our lives. If it has caused you to think, then now’s time to act. What has been a Pandemic positive for you?  

With changed routines, people working from home, and business stresses, we have increasingly seen relationships in crisis and several eventually dissolve. Problems that were previously ignored have been magnified.  Work relationships have also been strained, communication has needed to be reworked and in many cases, work relationships have ended with many job cuts or people resigning.  

The positive is that leaders, like you, are recognizing that they need a strong, solid community to lean on, there's an openness that hasn’t been seen before. While still experiencing the social impact of the Pandemic, people are looking through a different lens.  They are looking to build new relationships, reconnect with positive ones from the past and to grow a support network around you to help you develop even stronger as a leader.

We all need people in our lives that help us grow personally, professionally, and spiritually.

Braden Douglas, In his book, “Becoming a Leader of Impact” says “No one succeeds alone.  We all need people in our lives that help us grow personally, professionally, and spiritually.  We also need to be the people that help others grow…. If you want to achieve great things.  Don’t be a self-made man, no one succeeds alone!

Could you use the pandemic as a positive and join a new community of leaders? LeaderImpact Global is a movement of local LeaderImpact small groups led by marketplace leaders, leading like-minded leaders.  If you aren’t involved in a LeaderImpact group, click here to Join A Group.


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