Integrity is a very popular word in leadership conversations. We all know people who are good performers in the sense that they get things done and are an asset to the organization in some way. But what about their character? Do people like working with them, or are they just putting up with some things that are undesirable because they like the performance results?

In his book Integrity, Henry Cloud shares that, while results are important, the complete picture of a person is critical. In other words, does the person have the integrity, or character, to not mess things up?

Cloud maintains that there are three aspects of a person that lead to true and lasting success. The first is competence in their field. Simply put, you need to be good at what you do and continuous self-improvement ensures that the competence will continue.

One definition of integrity is “to do what you said you would do”. 

The second aspect is the ability to form alliances with other competent people. We can’t be good at everything, and successful people know how to humbly elicit help from others to fill in their caps. But finally, we need the character to not mess it up.

One definition of integrity is “to do what you said you would do”. This includes being a reliable performer, but it also includes being honest and facing some hard truths about ourselves and tough situations. It includes things like keeping our marriage vows and maintaining a healthy life work balance.

LeaderImpact is committed to helping leaders of impact grow in all three areas of the personal, professional, and spiritual dimensions of life. To that end, we are again hosting the LeaderImpact summit on November 18th, 2021 at 2pm GMT. We are excited that Henry Cloud has agreed to be one of our keynote speakers this year. Plan to be a part of the Summit in your ongoing development as a Leader of Impact and sign-up for notifications for tickets here.


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