One way to help [other leaders] is to simply notice them, show interest and encourage them in whatever they are doing.

Think back to when you were a younger leader. Even if you are still a young leader, there was a time when you were younger still and began to grow and develop in your character and skills. Was there someone who believed in you and encouraged you? Was there someone who saw the potential in you? Some of us have had that experience and some of us have had to forge ahead on our own, but we all would admit that growth is a lot easier with a bit of help.

When I was a young organizational leader in a large non-profit, I had a boss who really believed in me. It was a good thing someone did because I was truly young and naive and making plenty of mistakes. I remember one particular time when I had to deal with a very messy personnel situation, complaining that I didn’t have the time or energy to cope with the mess. My boss said something like, “Well, that’s irrelevant, you are the leader.” That was actually just what I needed to hear and, knowing that he believed I could deal with the problem empowered me to dig in and do just that.

Wherever you are in your career, and whatever your own state of personal, professional, and spiritual growth, there are other leaders around you who need help. One way to help them is to simply notice them, show interest and encourage them in whatever they are doing. Another is to invite them into community. We all grow better when we are part of some group of people who are there to share life together. Think about the athlete who, while a key player and star in his or her own right, makes the time and effort to bring the standard of the whole team up. We love those people!

Here’s an opportunity to help some others grow. LeaderImpact is sponsoring many LeaderImpact Group Forums this spring. A Group Forum is a great way to expose leaders whom you know to excellent content and the motivation we get from being with other leaders. Click here to find out how to join a Group Forum, either locally or online. Then, make a list of leaders you can invite. You never know who needs the boost!


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