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Our group leaders are volunteer marketplace leaders with a track record of success- who live out our core values.

Make a Difference

Why Start a Group?

Starting a LeaderImpact group is an amazing experience. If you choose to start a group, you’ll have the opportunity to see lives change, leaders making a difference because of your influence, and have new avenues to reach other leaders in your community personally, professionally and spiritually.

The Application Process



When you’re ready to commit to leading a group, a time can be set-up for you to meet with a LeaderImpact leader. This is a chance to get to know you, verify alignment to the criteria, help answer any questions, and guide you towards your next steps.



Finalizing your group details is a key step for obvious reasons. What day of the week will your group meet, for how long, how often, where, will it be open to the public or closed, etc?



Once your group details are finalized we will send you a link to our Group Launch Training. We figure that you’ll forget most of this document so we have a quick video series that helps you prepare and ensure a great group experience. It’s good just-in-time-training for the busy leader.



You are now ready to start your group. This is when it becomes real. Reaching out to leaders and recruiting them to join your group is the most important step and we help give you helpful hints and tools to do it well.

Ongoing Support

We're Here to Help

Starting a group is pretty simple – but it’s not easy. We’re here to help you with the following resources.

  1. Start Group - Training Videos
  2. Global LeaderHub - The sign-in section of our site for leaders looking to be equipped with resources, templates, and important how-to's.
  3. Group Leader Coaches

Get a Group Starter Package by contacting us.

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